Study Program Search

The Study Program interface is useful for patrons who use study programs such as Accelerated Reader or Reading Counts. It allows patrons to search the collection based on the study program name, reading levels, points, subject, and interest code.

Step-by-Step: Study Program Search

These steps will guide you through the process of searching your collection for items that have been catalogued as part of a Study Program (such as Accelerated Reader):

  1. Select Study Program from the drop-down menu at the top-right of the search interface frame (see ).

  2. Before you start, set any pre-search filters that you may want to use in the Filter drop-down interface (see ); please review the Filters section if you would like more information about pre-search filters and how to use them.

  3. Next, select a Study Program from the drop-down menu (see ); leaving this blank selects all items with a study program tag. Other selects study programs other than Accelerated Reader or Reading Counts.

  4. Select an Interest Level (see ); if you don't care about interest levels, leave this field blank.

  5. Enter a minimum and/or maximum Reading Level (see ); if you enter only one value, only that value will be searched.

  6. Enter a minimum and/or maximum Point Count (see ); only items within that point count range will be chosen.

  7. Finally, supply optional Keywords (see ) before pressing the Search button to perform your search.

  8. Search results will then appear with the items in your collection that most closely match your search value and index type.

  9. To learn more on how to manage your search results, click here.

  10. To learn even more about the Study Program interface, click here.