After performing a search, the search results will appear. The top of the search results section provides a summary of your search, followed by the number of items found. You can sort your search results by selecting Title, Author, Call Number, Awards, Medium, Series, Years, or Accession Date from the Sort Search Results By drop-down menu.

After a search, navigational “breadcrumbs” will appear horizontally across the top of the window, below the header bar and above the search results. These “breadcrumbs” provide links back to the previous searches and filters that were applied to get to the current results, essentially, providing a trail for the user to follow back to the very first search. Every time you apply a new post-search filter, that filter will appear as a “breadcrumb”. That way, if filtered results lead to a dead end, previous results lists are readily available to be displayed.

This is an example of the Researcher's navigational breadcrumbs.

All search results are preceded by a dynamic search header that provides the total number of results returned, allows you to perform the search again using SearchALL orSoundsLike, offers a direct link to your search results, and permits you to print the entire list of or just selected search results.

Here is an example of the dynamic search results header:

Regardless of the Default Search Results Mode (i.e. Brief, Full, or Cover Art) you can select (highlight) multiple items in your search results by holding the <cmnd> (Macintosh) or <ctrl> (Windows) key and clicking on titles in any order; alternately, you may click on a title, hold the <shift> key, and select another title to select (highlight) an entire range. Once you have selected your title(s), you can click and drag the items into the Temp Basket or a Saved List in the Lists Menu section.

To open the full Item Details window, you can either double-click anywhere within the results frame of a specific item or click on the blue link of the title name (e.g. “The Catcher in the Rye”).

Step-by-Step: Search Results

To mange your search results:

  1. Use the Results Mode (see ) drop-down menu at the top of the Results frame to select the style for which you would like to view your results. Search results can be instantly viewed in a Brief, Full, or Cover Art format.

  2. Use the Sort Search Results By (see ) drop-down menu to select how the results will be sorted:
    Title, Author, Call Number, Awards, Medium, Series, or Year.

  3. Next, you can determine the number of results will be shown per page using the Max Results/Page (see ) drop-down menu. Use the next (“Image:Next Right Icon.jpg”) or previous (“Image:Previous Left Icon.jpg”) pagination controls to change which page you're browsing using or quickly jump to the first (“Image:First Icon.jpg”) or last (“Image:Last Icon.jpg”) page of results.

  4. If your search results require further filtering, notice that a Results Filters section has appeared in the menu system located on the left-hand side of the Researcher. Hovering your mouse over any of these post-search filters will activate a yellow pop-up window that shows you the breakdown of your results according to that particular filter (e.g. Author or Series). Making a selection from the yellow pop-up window will further narrow your search results.

  5. If you are viewing you results using the Full mode, click the appropriate link to view the item record's Details, Add to List (adds the item to the Temp Basket), Place Reservation (places a Reservation on the item), or Place Hold (places a Hold on the item), or view more... of the item record.

  6. If your are viewing the results list using the Brief mode, you are able to view the item record's Details by clicking on the title or, if you click on the Copies Information link, you will be able to view information about where the item can be found using Call Number, Site (i.e. Library), or Location (place within the library, if listed).

  7. If you would like to print the entirety of your search results or any list that you may have created by adding items to your Temp Basket, click on either the printer icon (“Image:Printer Icon.jpg”) or the Print Search Results link.

  8. To learn even more about Results, click here.