The Lists section is where the the Temp Basket, Past Searches and Past Items are displayed. If you are logged in, this section allows you to create your own custom Saved Lists for selected titles of your search results. The Lists section is sorted to automatically place the Default administrator list before any custom list(s). When you mouse over a specific saved list, a yellow pop-up window appears containing all of the items in that list.

New Saved List name dialog window.

Custom Saved Lists

To create a list of items from the results list, select the items you want to save and click the Save List icon. In the example below, the highlighted (in gray) items were saved from the results list.

When you click the Save List icon with selected (highlighted) items, a new Save List window appears containing the items you have selected to save.

You can move items from list to list, essentially, by clicking on the name of the list, this performs a search on the items contained in this list. Once the Researcher search results appear, you can select (highlight) the items that you'd like to move from that list and drag and drop them into a new (or different) list.

To learn even more about Lists, click here.