Check your pre-search filters in the Filter (see ) drop-down interface attached to the bottom of the search frame to see if any have been set. If filters have been set, you can use the Clear button(s) located next to each filter to remove them.

When the white arrow in the blue filter bar is clicked, the pre-search Filter pane is displayed. Within this pane are the controls to set various filters including, but not limited to, Lexile range, Publication Year, Study Program and Medium. If filter values are supplied, they will be taken into account as the search is performed and only items that match the selected filter(s) are returned; if a specific data element isn't supplied in the item record, it won't be included in the results.

Step-by-Step: Select Copy Site Filters

To apply copy site filters to your search:

  • Step-by-Step: Lexile Filters

    To apply lexile filters to your search:

    1. Lexile filters (see ) narrow your search within a certain range of lexiles; the Help Me Find A Book and Lexile filters only appear if your school is licensed to use Alexandria's Lexiles module.

      • Lexile Range allows you to choose a range of lexile scores between zero and 2000.

      • Placing a check in the Help Me Find a Book box will automatically set the Lexile filter to the patron's most recent lexile score-however, you must be logged in to use this feature.

    Step-by-Step: Study Program Filters

    To apply study program filters to your search:

    1. The Study Program filters (see ) are useful for patrons who are using study programs such as Accelerated Reader or Reading Counts. It allows patrons to search the collection based on the study program name, reading levels, points, and interest code.

    2. Select a study program name from the Study Program drop-down menu. Leaving this drop-down menu blank will select all items with study program tags. Other selects programs other than Accelerated Reader or Reading Counts.

    3. Interest Level: Select an interest code; if you don't care about interest codes, leave this field blank.

    4. Reading Level: Enter a range of reading levels; if you enter only one value, only that single value will be searched.

    5. Point Count: Enter a range of point counts; only items within that point count range will be chosen.

    6. To learn even more about Search Filters, click here.