Researcher Overview

The main Researcher Workstation window can be divided into several distinct sections:


The Researcher's topmost blue header bar, which stretches across the top of the window, performs multiple functions:


Reseacher Basics

  1. By default, the Researcher uses a Begins With search; put a period (.) at the end of your search term to perform an Exact Match search.

    For instance, if you search for "cat," your search will yield results containing the words category, cathedral, cat, cats, Catherine, etc. By putting the period at the end of the search term (i.e. cat.), the search results will be limited to those records containing the word "cat."

  2. Two or more search terms entered in a single Search field is the same as a Boolean AND search with Exact Match on all search terms.

    For example, if you were to enter the search terms, "civil war", together in the same Search field, your search would yield all item records containing the term "civil" and the term "war." If the search terms were entered in separate fields in the Advanced Search interface, then you would need to put a period ( .) at the end of each term in order to achieve the same results. Otherwise, your search might yield a record containing such terms as "civilization" and "Warwick".

  3. In the Advanced search, if you are combining various Boolean search terms such as ANDs and Ors, put the AND search last.

    If you are searching for items on either Greek mythology or Roman mythology, you would enter Greek in the first Search field, set the Boolean Operator to OR, enter Roman in the second Search field, set the second Boolean Operator to AND, then enter mythology in the third Search field.

  4. To learn even more about the Researcher, click here.