Advanced Search

An Advanced search allows you to search using standard Boolean modifiers (And, Or, and And Not) for all selections and a range operator of Through although the Through option is not available for use with an All Words search.

The Advanced search interface will show four search fields preceded by drop-down menus. One set of drop-down menus list the various types of searches that can be performed and the second set of drop-down menus contain the Boolean Operators.

Within each search field is a Browse (“Image:Search Icon.jpg”) icon that allows a patron to type a word (or a portion of the word) and then browse a list of words indexed from item records for which the desired search term may be selected.

Use the All Words drop-down menu to choose the type of search you want to perform. For example, you can choose to search by Authors, Titles, or Series, etc. Alexandria searches the values of MARC records saved for each title. For example, when you choose to search Authors, Alexandria searches for authors in the 100 and 700 tags.


Step-by-Step: Step-by-Step: Advanced Search

To perform an Advanced, (i.e. Boolean) search:

  1. Select Advanced from the drop-down menu at the top-right of the search interface frame (see ).

  2. Before you start, set any pre-search filters that you may want to use in the Filter drop-down interface (see ); please review the Filters section if you would like more information about pre-search filters and how to use them.

  3. Using the All Words drop-down menu (see ) that is located before the first Search field, select the type of search you wish to perform. You can choose from a multitude of choices, including Awards, Medium, etc.

  4. Enter the search term (or terms) in the first Search field (see ) via keyboard or “copy and paste”. If you are using multiple Search fields, set the second drop-down menu (see ) and it's correlated Boolean operator (And, Or, And Not, and Through) to narrow your search. It is recommended that you start with the most general searches first (usually joined with Or) and more specific searches last (usually connected with And). Repeat this process until you have entered all the necessary search terms and corresponding Boolean operators.

  5. You may also use the Browse icon (“Image:Search Icon.jpg”) to show a list of items in the collection that mostly closely match your search criteria.

  6. Click on the Search button (see ) to perform your search.

  7. Search results will then appear with the items in your collection that most closely match your search value and index type.

  8. To learn more on how to manage your search results, click here.

  9. To learn even more about the Advanced interface, click here.